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Here at School of Holistic Healing we work to deliver a comprehensive range of programs dedicated to helping students make the most of their time here with us.

School of Holistic Healing will always give academic support to all of our students enrolled in our course programs. We help students in all subject areas, all course materials by providing you with your own tutor. With our help you can learn how to study more effectively and communicate at an advanced and professional level.  Developing formal communication skills during your time here at the School of Holistic Healing is obviously necessary for academic success, but will also be invaluable in future employment.


In order to support you on your journey towards being an independent learner you will have all access to our tutors or course leaders, and their email contacts. We have a lot of experience to share with you from years of lecturing, examining and teacher training, to our own experiences of Holistic Healing studies.

Amy Childers, Admissions Director


Bridgett Anderson, Admissions Advisor

School of Holistic Healing, Inc.


Brad Wash, Financial Aid Advisor

School of Holistic Healing, Inc.


Sarah Walker, Guidance Teacher

School of Holistic Healing, Inc.

Janet Carpenter, Guidance Teacher

School of Holistic Healing, Inc.

Twyla Shaw, Founder

School of Holistic Healing, Inc.




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