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Why buy a gift card from us?

 Gift cards give the freedom to choose. Unless someone dog-eared a catalogue or sent you a link to their dream present, gift cards may be the best way to go because they let people choose what they want, and buy it when they want it. "Gift cards are a thoughtful, flexible choice.  

Gift cards give a good value. Why?

*You can use them during a sale to extend the value of the card. Recipients can take advantage of post-holiday promotions with their gift cards.

*You can use them when the monthly budget needs a break. Because they're an "anytime" present, recipients can choose to use them when they need them most.

*Gift cards are a handy gift, and quite often gift cards are the perfect solution.  

*Gift cards offer peace of mind, because "Lots of people this holiday season will get gifts they don't want or will never use. Gift cards shouldn't be among those because the recipient can get what they want, when they want it."

*You can give them a coupon for a partial, or pay for the entire course, the choice is yours.

The most important reason is our gift cards have:

 * No hidden fees.

 * No expiration date.

 * No-hassle balance check

 * Can be used with any course, promotion or sale


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