Soap Making Made Easy

The teaching of this course is unique because you are going to learn to make 10 pound batches of soap in a day with a simple 5 pound bucket. Most classes want to start you out with making a few bars of soap. If your going to learn how to make soap then let's do it right, right from the start. See below how soap samples made me a lot of money!

What Will I Learn?


*Basic cold process Soapmaking

*Everything you need to make your first 30 bars of soap

*Learn about the saponification process

*Learn how to work with lye safely

*Master the art of scenting and coloring your soap

*Learn to line your molds

*Learn to choose molds

*Learn about Soapmaking ingredients and how to choose oils

*Your going to learn to create your own soap recipes


Plus, you are going to receive 25 of my top selling soap recipes that are my best sellers.


Ever wanted to learn how to make soap from scratch but didn't know where to start? Now is your chance. This course will teach you everything a beginner should know including how to create your own recipes. This is a comprehensive, course from beginner to intermediate in less than 2 weeks you will have made your first 10 Lb. soap loaf. That is 30 bars of soap at $5.98 a bar. Downloadable eBook with 60 full color photos.

Course Units:

  • Basic chemistry of Soapmaking

  • Recipe building

  • Supplies & equipment

  • Safety considerations

  • Step by step demonstrations

  • Colorants, scents, and additives

  • Molds and preparations

  • Fats and lye

  • Cutting, curing and storing

  • Packaging

  • And how to market your soaps for profit


Course includes: Your 87-page book in an eBook for you to download right to your desktop. Unlimited lifetime excess and support.

Soap Course includes 2 additional bonus tutorials   


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Fun Creations
Fun Creations

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You've seen botanical handcrafted soaps at your Farmer's Market and local skin care boutiques. They are the perfect alternative to detergents and additive-laden toxic cleansers. But did you know you can produce your own custom handcrafted bars at home using the cold process soap method and you don't have to have knowledge of chemistry whatsoever? In this course, you will learn more about customizing bars of soap to add exfoliating benefits, exotic aromas, and eye-catching colors all using natural ingredients of course!

In this course, Ann Walker will walk you through the process step-by-step, empowering you to develop your own custom formulas and conquer the cold process soap making technique like a pro.

Whether your goal is to develop custom products for your family or create a custom line of botanically based soaps to sell, this course includes everything you need.

Each chapter is packed with all of the information you need to master the soap making process. Registration includes all of your downloadable handouts, and a bonus collection of recipes you can use to get started today. By the end of this course in as little as one week you'll have a clear understanding of the cold process soap making technique with the tools and confidence you need to create dozens of your own custom creations. Last but certainly not least, you’re going to learn how to package and market your soaps through craft stores and the farmer's market..

Your book is packed with 60 full color photos and over 25 ready-to-use soap recipes and formulas for luxurious woman's soaps, baby soaps, mens soaps, and fun teen soaps. The recipes are all done for you, just decide, which soap you want to make and make it. I thought I would share this wonderful story with you.

How Soap Samples Made Me Money

I recently had a last-minute idea prompted by a text from my grandson, Daryl. Daryl is in

pre-med and had volunteered at the pediatrics wing this last summer. He was in his last week of volunteering. He was asking to take some of my soaps to show some of the people in the pediatrics wing. I was flattered that my grandson thinks I make awesome soap. So, I started putting a few bars together for him to take the next day. Then it hit me!  Why not put some samples together for him to give as a gesture of his appreciation for all they did for him over the summer? So, I went through some of my end pieces and started cutting them down to an appropriate sample size. I then created some sample labels with the name of the soap, business name, and contact information. I wanted there to be enough for all the staff, so it took quite a while to assemble everything.  The next day, he took a few full bars as well as a tray of samples.  It was a major hit!  I started getting emails almost immediately from the staff. Several of the staff placed orders for soap, and have become repeat customers, plus a dozen referrals. I thought I'd share a photo I took of the samples in the event you have a similar opportunity.

​​​Ann Walker, your instructor is a certified aromatherapist, herbalist and the founder of Lather Up Soap Company LLC, where she formulates and produces small batches of all-natural soaps and body care products using skin nourishing botanicals, plant-based oils, and essential oils.

She has been making and selling soaps for the past ten years through local farmer’s markets, craft shows, and wholesale.

She takes a holistic approach to skincare which includes the whole health of a person including nutrition, lifestyle and emotional factors. She emphasizes the fact that healthy skin is a reflection of inner health, and promotes the use of natural products and holistic approaches to achieve healthy skin and a healthy body.

Student Testimonials

Daryl's Unique Soaps


I originally tried to learn how to make soap by reading books, watching videos on YouTube, and joining free online classes and forums. But I had so many questions with no way of getting them answered, which is very frustrating.  When I saw this class being offered at the college I decided to go for it. And boy am I glad I did. My first impression was: WOW!!! The quality of your soap class was top notch. I am continually amazed at how much time you are willing to give to your students and how much of your trade secrets you are willing to pass along to us. You are awesome, and I can’t say enough good about you and your soap class.

Again, thank you for taking the time to explain how, what, & when in a way that I could completely understand, and I believe it is due to your teaching style. There is nothing worse than reading something and then not understanding it. You are very encouraging and people friendly. What minor questions I did ask you always got right back to me with an answer or a solution and that's very much appreciated by me. I am so happy I took your soap class and got the opportunity to talk to you in person, that to me was well worth it. My soaps are awesome, and my family and friends thank you.

Daryl, Vancouver, Washington

Soap Making Made Easy