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Our online courses are self-paced and you can start as soon as you sign up! All courses are available online and as printable pdf books and materials that you can save directly to your desktop. You can begin the course anytime - and it's yours for life! All International students welcome.

Pre-Holiday Course Sale

Once a year sale ends on February 29, 2024
Due to demand we have extended it through the month of  February. After the 29th it will go back to full price.

 Save $800.00 before the 31st.

Become a Family Holistic Practitioner Today!

This course trains you in, alternative medicine, traditional medicine, and other natural healing approaches for self-help or self-healing with personal growth or the chance to develop a successful professional career and practice working with clients. Learn to create medicinal medicines for your patients. Look under our courses for complete details on these courses.

For a limited time ONLY you can take advantage of our $800.00 Family Holistic Practitioner course for HALF-OFF $400.00. Simply enroll today, by clicking on Buy Now and take advantage of our sale. Pay the $400.00 up front and you will also receive for FREE, our Organic Skincare Course valued at $400.00 completely FREE with over 150 recipes. That is a whopping $800.00 savings to you. If you sign up for the course before , February 29, 2024 you will receive an extra bonus our "Super Tonic Virus" course as well completely free. ONCE A YEAR ONLY  This offer expires at midnight.

Organic Skin Care HUGE COURSE Sale!

Becoming a new site member entitles you to take advantage of our offer 2 for the price of one.     

                                        Pre-Holiday Fall Sale.

If you purchase the Organic Skincare course of $400.00 up front you will receive the Aromatherapy course valued at $300.00 completely free. Along with that will be your Skincare Formulations and 200 recipes, and the Aromatherapy Recipe book with over 140 recipes.

This is a once a year sale ONLY so take advantage of your saving a total of $400.00.

Simply enroll today by clicking on Pay Now and take advantage of our sale.

Extra Bonus: If you sign up for the course before February 29, 2024 you will receive our "Super Tonic Virus" course as well completely free.

Offer is valid until midnight. Go in together with a family member or a friend and split the cost!

​Read below what one of our Organic Skincare student has to say:

My product of choice to create was a lip balm! My experience making it didn’t go as I had expected. I started out by setting up my workspace with all my equipment and ingredients needed. Then proceeded to melt the beeswax, using the double boiler method. This actually was the most challenging part for me because it took way longer than expected and I hadn’t quite gotten the double boiler method down yet. While that was slowly melting, I then melted the shea butter and coconut oil separately. Then, in another bowl I put together the jojoba oil and my essential oil, which was rosemary, and added vitamin e last. I soiled my creation twice because I accidentally got water into the beeswax and then the shea butter and coconut oil mixture the second time. So, the third time was a charm- but then to find out in the morning it was grainy due to the beeswax not being 100% melted. My lips did feel nice and moisturized in the morning- which was a great relief because I wake up every morning with super chapped lips. Anyways, I redid my creation… this time I did equal parts of wax/oil/butter and then did 1/2 tsp of jojoba oil and 1/4 tsp rosemary and vitamin E. This came out way better! The texture was smoother and not grainy at all. I was super happy with the way it came out. All it took was a few mistakes, but I learned a whole lot from it! 

I am looking forward to making more creations and experimenting with different butters and essential oils ! I want to eventually sell these lip balms. I do know there is a whole lot out there for me to learn.. I’m excited to make more creations and develop new techniques along the way. Student: Nicolette 9/20

Regular price $150 on sale for $75.00
Through until January 31, 2024.


The teaching of this course is unique because you are going to learn to make 10 pound batches of soap in a day with a simple 5 pound bucket. Most classes want to start you out with making a few bars of soap. If you’re going to learn how to make soap then let's do it right, right from the start. Your going to learn how to make a 10 pound batch of soap for less than $25.00 using equipment most people already have in their kitchens.

Then cut your soap into 30 bars wrapping them in simple coffee filters with your sticky label and sell them for $5.98 a bar for a rough total of $154.40 profit.

Last but certainly not least, you’re going to learn how to package and market your soaps for very little cost up front through craft stores and the farmer's market.

Go to the course page to see how soap samples made me a lot of money!

Did you know you can produce your own custom soap bars at home and you don't have to have knowledge of chemistry whatsoever? In this course, you will learn more about customizing bars of soap to add exfoliating benefits, exotic aromas, and eye-catching colors all using natural ingredients of course! Your book is packed with 60 full color photos and over 25 ready-to-use soap recipes and formulas for luxurious woman's soaps, baby soaps, mens soaps, and fun teen soaps. The recipes are all done for you, just decide, which soap you want to make and make it.

What Will I Learn?

*Basic cold process Soapmaking

*Everything you need to make your first 30 bars of soap

*Learn about the saponification process

*Learn how to work with lye safely

*Master the art of scenting and coloring your soap

*Learn to line your molds

*Learn to choose molds

*Learn about Soapmaking ingredients and how to choose oils

*You’re going to learn to create your own soap recipes

Plus, you are going to receive 25 of my top selling soap recipes that are my top sellers.

Each chapter is packed with all of the information you need to master the soap making process. Registration includes all of your downloadable handouts, and 25 of my top selling soap recipes you can use to get started today. In as little as one week you'll have a clear understanding of the cold process soap making technique with the tools and confidence you need to create dozens of your own custom creations.

Student Testimonial:

Amazing Friends Soap Co.

Me and my friend decided to take Ann's soap making class together and we loved every minute of it! We were impressed by Ann's extensive knowledge of both the history of soap, and how to make it using a variety of ingredients to benefit your skin. She also provided many examples with beautiful color photos on how to color, cut, mold, and wrap soap, but also encouraged us to be creative. I absolutely love that in less than 24 hours, my friend and I made our first Simple Batch of soap with the oils and fragrances that we love.

After taking her class, we had made a dozen or more batches of her awesome soap recipes. When we figured out how easily we could make 10 to 15 pounds of soap cheaply in a day we decided to start our own soap company and we are doing better than I ever imagine.


If I was asked what was the most valuable part of the class, with the exception of the recipes. I would have to say the list of skin issues, and the extensive list of essentials oils for each issue. Our biggest sellers have become the lemongrass soap, baby soap, Eczema Body Soap, Lavender, and the camping soap.

Thanks again, Laurie & Christy

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