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The Coronavirus 19 is spreading before symptoms ever show up. Scary

When I first heard about this 20 years ago, it was a recipe that missionaries in the amazon still use today with a great degree of success to keep themselves healthy when exposed to new and different viral and bacterial types of illnesses.

It's much harder to contain an air borne virus  because tracking down a patient's contacts and quarantine them immediately if the patient has been spreading the disease for days or weeks before they even realized they have it. "It means the infection is much more contagious than we originally thought," it is an infectious disease that is becoming much worse than we anticipated.

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Fight the Covid-19 by learning how to make your own Potent Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and anti-microbial Antibiotic, which even kills cancer cells.


This will be the cheapest you have ever spent for health care. It is very powerful and could save someone’s life.

I can’t impress on you how important it is to take action NOW against this deadly virus.

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Ready to learn how to make this Super Virus Tonic using powerful ingredients.  Quick, easy and it will kill any virus in your body.

Learn exactly how much of the ingredients you need, to make it extremely power kicking, stomp ass, kill the virus’s and parasites in their tracks tonic! You’re going to learn how to make it by the gallon and in quart size. Dosage chart for all family members including our small children. It is absolutely safe for the entire family.


Family Holistic Practitioner Program

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This course trains you in, alternative medicine, traditional medicine, and other natural healing approaches for self-help or self-healing with personal growth or the chance to develop a successful professional career and practice working with clients. Learn to create medicinal medicines for your patients. Look under our courses for complete details on these courses.

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