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Northwest School of Holistic Healing is a student-centered online independent holistic school. Through a rigorous holistic curriculum School of Holistic Healing will strive for excellence, and to appreciate the difference in our students learning styles.

School of Holistic Healing was inspired by God’s values and the teachings of the 12 apostles. Our schools goal is to create a team of dedicated professionals to give our students an excellent holistic education.

We strive to develop their individual, intellectual, spiritual, creative, emotional, and physical potential to the best of our ability.

Our gifts of knowledge come from a loving God who ask us to use them for our good and the good of others.


We will strive to:

  • Creatively help our students find their own voice and vision and make it crystal clear.

  • Work with our students to help develop their strengths and weaknesses, and to develop the skills, they need to recognize their true potential.

  • SSH goal is for every student to graduate and come away with tangible plans and materials to apply to their holistic profession.


SHH Learning Goals

All NSHH students and graduates will:

  • Embrace the philosophy of integration of CAM and holistic health, encompassing the whole person and foundation of lifestyle change

  • Develop diverse perspectives on wellness to encourage creative problem solving to achieve balance and wellness

  • Develop skills of critical analysis and reasoning

  • Develop communication skills, including expressing quantitative ideas and facts effectively in writing and orally

  • Demonstrate professionalism, integrity, and ethical and social responsibility

  • Cultivate a sense of connection and involvement, including a willingness to volunteer and give back to appropriate community groups.

  • Cultivate a worldview in which values, goals, strategies, initiative, and relationships are positively developed, and that emphasizes sustainability of all resources.

  • Add to the culture of academic integrity and learning at NSHH.




  • Helping People Have Work They Love!

  • Twyla Shaw, Founder



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