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Frequently Asked Questions!

Is the School of Holistic Healing accredited?

We have chosen not to seek accreditation for our courses. Many individuals get stuck on the idea of an “accredited school”. After all, why study holistic and herbal medicine if you aren’t going to be recognized for your studies? Let’s dive into this very controversial topic.

First and foremost, stay away from any holistic school that states you will become a Holistic Practitioner who can diagnose patients. Holistic schools in the United States that make these claims are, we hate to say it, stretching the truth.

Why? Because, becoming a holistic practitioner, aromatherapy, or creating your skincare products are not officially regulated by any specific set of standards as of yet.

With that being said, schools and organizations that claim to uphold a certain set of guidelines, are not accredited bodies either. There are many well-established holistic schools that will choose not to be listed with these organizations. And until there is a system in place to offer licensing for the holistic practitioner, the School of Holistic Healing will operate as an independent holistic school as well.

By declining to be part of a larger holistic organizations, the School of Holistic Healing has been able to save thousands of dollars, and pass those savings on by offering affordable online holistic courses for students in the USA and across the world. Providing the resources and programs independently is the right decision to fulfill our mission as a school!

Because there are no set standards in the field of holistic practitioners, it is incumbent upon schools teaching holistic to offer the very best programs that they can for those who wish to further their education. To bring our students quality programs, we have built a team of holistic practitioners, clinical herbalists, herbal enthusiasts, skincare specialist, and a Certified Aromatherapist (CA) and “regular folks” who are all actively involved in our course development.

So, what CAN Holistic Schools offer accredited or not?

There are a number of holistic practitioners who are self-taught, and we praise those who take this route. However, the amount of resources available online and in libraries can be overwhelming to say the least! Studying holistics with a school can provide a safe and guided learning environment to master your holistic skills. Holistic schools also offer an opportunity to ask questions of educators and the chance to build community with fellow classmates.

Enrolling in our online holistic and organic programs will offer you the chance to become certified, which recognizes your passing of the course under the direction of the school and board of educators. This can be a valuable certificate to use in your educational experience when job searching or starting your own holistic practice. You can learn more about how to use your certifications by simply going to the individual course pages.

So, whether you decide to actively pursue a career as a Holistic Practitioner, certified aromatherapist or skincare specialist, we encourage you to fact check all your resources to be sure you are receiving the quality education you deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact the school with any questions you might have. Read our online testimonials and talk with our staff regarding what you are looking into. You can get in contact with our staff any time with questions about our online courses or for more information about the School of Holistic Healing feel free to check out our A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

How long does it take to complete each course?

FHP course: 8 to 12 months depending on your independent studies.

Aromatherapy course: 2 – 4 months

Organic Skincare course: 4 – 6 months

Homeopathy: 3 months

Do your courses have expiration dates?

No, it is study at your own pace.


What can I do after I graduate from class?

Students who take our courses go on to use their knowledge in their holistic and alternative health careers and for personal and family health care. Many students make their own products or develop herbal products businesses while others participate in holistic education, writing, and blogging.

Do you have sample lessons I could review?

We have two sample lessons available on our website, simply go to our course page drop down menu and click on course samples, then download the PDF file.

Tell me about your classes.

You can find out more about our classes by clicking on the individual courses link and scrolling down on each page to read more:

Family Holistic Practitioner Course, Aromatherapy Course, Organic Skincare Course, Homeopathy Medicine Course

Is it too late to register for class?

We always keep our programs open for enrollment! Our holistic courses are designed for students to work through the lessons at their own pace and in their own environment. Sign up anytime! *The only time we close enrollment is if we experience too many student registrations at one time or if we need to make adjustments to our website!

Tell me about your payment plans.

Students can choose to pay for a course all at once or in installments. For example, if you register for the Family Holistic Practitioner course you have 3 options to pay, just see below. Please see each individual course page for pricing. These payment plans are only available as advertised and cannot be adjusted beyond the number of months advertised.

The timing of the payment installments is based on your first payment upon registration. Example: If you enroll on September 24 in the FHP Course with a 2 or 4-month installment plan, you pay your first installment on September 24, your second installment will be automatically withdrawn on October 24, and your third installment will be withdrawn on November 24. You can also contact us if you need to set a pacific date for you payment to be made.

To choose to pay in installments, go to the course you’d like to register for and click on the drop-down menu to choose how you would like to pay: For example:

Family Holistic Practitioner

Full Payment $800.00 USD

2 Installment $400.00

4 Installments $200.00

6 Installments $134.00

8 Installments $100.00

12 Installments $67.00

Are books, and supplies required and/or included in the course?

Yes, all your course books, materials and supplies are included in the course. We never charge extra for anything. Your only purchase will be olive oil for your kit, a binder, pen and pencils, which you can purchase from the dollar store. We do try to encourage students to acquire a few good herbal reference books but not mandatory. When you register, you will be sent a welcome email with all your student registration information and where to download all of your books and materials as well as the passwords..

I don't live in the U.S. Can I still take your courses?

Anyone with an Internet connection can sign up for our courses! If you are wondering whether our courses meet specific standards for your country, you would need to check with your local regulations.

Can I share the course and log in with friends/family?

No, Practicing studies, recipes and demonstrations with a friend or family member may be fun and educational, however, sharing logins and course materials will result in account cancellation. Please do not share account or login information. Thank you for understanding.

What is the failed or declined payment policy? What if I don't pay all of my installments?

Students enrolled with a payment plan are responsible to pay the courses in full. Should there be a declined/failed payment, students must manually confirm the payment through their student account. If a declined payment is not paid within 2 months, the School of Holistic Healing reserves the right to cancel the student’s enrollment entirely. At that point, students will lose all of their course progress and any payments made towards the course. To continue with the program, students would need to re-enroll in the course without payment credit for past payments. If payment is not paid by the 3rd month the School of Holistic Healing will start collection proceedings at an additional $20.00 a day until paid.

Will you be offering any other courses in the future?

Yes, we are planning on adding an Herbalist course, How to create your own soaps, and  a Jr. Herbalist course.

How do I update my credit card for my course payments?

  • Login to your Paypal account and click on your profile then click on profile settings.

  • Click on my money to access the bank account and credit cards.

  • Locate the section, “Debit & Credit cards” and click Update.

  • Then add a card or edit card to update your payment method

  • Fill out the required fields and click save.






















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