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Our online courses are self-paced and you can start as soon as you sign up! All courses are available online as well as printable pdf books and materials. You can begin the course anytime - and it's yours for life! All International students are welcome to take our courses.

We had quite a few request asking us to extend the deadline because people are waiting on there Stimulus Check to come in. So were extending the deadline to April 30, 2021 at midnight.

Why pursue a career in alternative medicine?

In our stressful modern age, the wellness industry offers desperately needed support to those in search of balance and healing, making holistic health careers more popular than ever before.

Rates of chronic disease, obesity, depression and anxiety are higher than ever before. People are stressed out, overwhelmed and unhealthy. They are also living longer and seeking greater quality of life throughout the aging process. Overall, there is a widespread interest in holistic healers and wellness, both in the form of alternative medicine and in beauty and spa treatments.

People are visiting holistic health practitioners and spas to help them cope with their busy lives, address chronic pain and fight disease. More and more families are seeing the value in going to a holistic practitioner. Others seek assistance with improving their diet and exercise habits. All of them aspire to the profound state of health that comes with the balance of mind, body, and spirit. This is one of the reasons holistic health careers are becoming so popular.

Many people today recognize the limitations of Western science and medicine. They know that overuse of antibiotics can create long-term problems and vulnerabilities. They are distrustful of large pharmaceutical companies so in light of all this, the importance of preventative health care is finally entering mainstream awareness.


People are seeking greater control over their response to illness. Rather than going to a mainstream doctor with their health issues they are turning to alternative doctors for answers.

Holistic Practitioners, and Herbalist that used to be considered “weird” or “alternative” have now become widely accepted. And, as a result, holistic health careers are now in great demand and can be very rewarding for the right individual.

Today’s family holistic practitioners follow in the footsteps of those ancient healers and are in greater demand than ever before. Read our article below on "Why have a career in Holistic Medicine".


“What I thought to be a short, cheap certificate program, turned out to be, in my opinion, one of the best certification programs out there. I had been looking into holistic health related courses, programs, schools, and in so doing, checking out their curriculum's. What I have found in your course is something well beyond what these 10-50 times more expensive courses offer. I now have a much better understanding of how the body works and what happens to it when it doesn't, and how to help my patients heal. As a result, I have consequently opened my Family Holistic Practice and just by word of mouth from family and friends my business is growing in leaps and bounds!" I can’t thank you enough for my tutor Janet and your excellent student support system.

J.D. Rhymes

We asked our latest graduate what would you say was the single most important thing you learned during your studies at Northwest School of Holistic Healing, and what advice would you give to new students just starting their studies?
Monica said The single most important thing I learned during my studies was the use of hemp and all of the many things it can be used for. When I shared this knowledge with my husband he was astounded. If I were to choose another it would be how much diet has to do with our wellness and ability to maintain our health and fighting off and preventing disease. I would advise  new students to use their tutors. Mine was wonderful and I am so thankful for all of Janet Carpenters help.

Northwest School of Holistic Healing provides a wide range of courses with innovative programs and faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching. It's about flexible course schedules for working adults. It's also about a sense of belonging and providing students with individualized attention. We understand how busy your life is, but you can receive the education you deserve in a way that is convenient for you.

Our dedicated and experienced teachers will work one on one with our students to ensure you get the most out of your studies in order to achieve your goals.

Our Promise to Our Students
Our goal is to teach our student through constant communication to help them succeed in obtaining the necessary skills to compete and succeed in today’s holistic medical field and to become an overall well rounded practitioner who will go forward and contribute back to their families, clients and their community.

With our distance learning courses you will be studying in the privacy of your home, which, means that you can start your courses at your own convenience anytime you want, at the pace you want. Our holistic courses give you everything you need to get started in a rewarding career in the holistic medical field. Our courses include: Herbal Medicine:

Family Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Skincare Consultant

We look forward to hearing from you, Contact us today with any questions you have!

Why Have A Career In Holistic Healing!


Earning your Certification through the School of Holistic Healing opens doors in many fields! Whether your goals are to integrate an in-depth knowledge about Holistic Medicine, Herbology, or Essential Oils into your existing practice, or to consult with individuals about the safe and effective uses of these products, your new career begins with a solid, evidence-based education through NW School of Holistic Healing.


There are practically countless methods in which you can empower or develop your career. Here are a few examples of how a Certified Holistic Family Practitioner who holds a certification in Holistic Health, use their education professionally:


Consulting Practice: 

Holistic Practitioners offer personal consultation for clients with customized products suited to their unique needs. The industry is rapidly growing, with over half of Americans indicating that they consume or use alternative products, yet accurate information on the appropriate use is lacking in accessibility to the general public. A private consulting practice enables you to work directly with clients to assist them in obtaining maximum benefit from these potent botanicals.


Industry Consultant: 

Holistic Health professionals are in demand in the booming organic products industry. A recognized Certification from the NWSHH enables you to consult with product developers and provide knowledge and insight into the appropriate blends and uses that enable them to develop top products on the market.


Developing Organic Products: 

The organic personal care and green markets combined are multi-billion dollar industries. A professional certification from the School of Holistic Healing can empower you to enter this field with the education and skills necessary to develop safe and effective products capable of competing with top sellers in the market.


Clinical Practice: 

A Holistic Practitioner Career will enable you to identify potential safety risks, contraindications, and appropriate uses for patients. Patient education is key for safe and effective practice, and a recognized certification equips you to provide your patients with the most current evidence-based approach to environmental factors that may affect their health. Dietary supplements are used by a significant number of patients, particularly for chronic health concerns and to maintain wellness.



Develop your own custom formulations for clients and students. Our advanced education enables you to identify potential risks, protecting their safety and increasing their satisfaction with your services.


Educator & Author: 

Educate individuals about the safe and appropriate uses of herbs and herbal supplements, and essential oils through community workshops and classes. Certification from the School of Holistic Healing provides the most current scientific information about these substances, enabling you to teach classes that will truly be useful, with safe and effective methods. Write articles for journals and provide information for magazines on the appropriate methods of utilizing herbal products, and essential oils.


Whatever your goals and professional aspirations, a recognized certification from the School of Holistic Healing is the launching point for your new career! Our thorough program provides you with a recognized certification that will give you the tools you need to develop a successful career in the booming Holistic or Cosmetic Industry. Eager to begin pursuing what you love full-time? Apply today! 



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