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Super Anti-Flu Tonic Recipe

What is Super Tonic?

Ancient High-Potency Remedy for inflammations, fevers, flu, colds, infections.

Super Tonic is an ancient, high-potency, food-based remedy for inflammation, fevers, flu, colds, infections.

Super Tonic vs Antibiotic

Antibiotic Resistance on the Rise

Antibiotics are no longer routinely used to treat infections because:

  • many infections are caused by viruses, so antibiotics are not effective

  • antibiotics are often unlikely to speed up the healing process and can cause side effects

  • the more antibiotics are used to treat trivial conditions, the more likely they are to become ineffective for treating more serious conditions

Both the NHS and health organizations across the world are trying to reduce the use of antibiotics, especially for health problems that are not serious.

The overuse of antibiotics in recent years means they're becoming less effective and has led to the emergence of "superbugs". These are strains of bacteria that have developed resistance to many different types of antibiotics given for various non-threatening illnesses.

Researchers have written about these ever-adapting viruses that are starting to exceed the ability of man-made antibiotics for the body to cope. People are turning more and more to natural means. Super Tonic is our front line fighter when we feel a cold or flu coming on, and growing numbers of it's users are finding it amazing. Oh, did we say, with ingredients like these this stuff is power-packed, concentrated and wicked hot! Somebody said, "It will set you free!" Translation: You feel the impact immediately as the good stuff travels throughout  your organs. Brave souls like it straight, but most of us mortals prefer to dilute it with our favorite juice. It only takes a little. Start with a tablespoon or two with a pint of juice when you feel symptoms coming on. Keep sipping this beverage every half hour until it has the desired effect. For prevention take a 1/2 ounce every morning with your favorite juice or water instead of synthetic vitamins that do nothing for you.

How to use Super Tonic

Do not underestimate the power of this combination. We’ve used it for 30 years to great effect, whenever we feel a cold, flu or inflammation coming on. We discovered Super Tonic over 30 years ago and have made it and used it with amazing results ever since. One day we handed a bottle to our Admissions Advisor Bridgett, because she was miserable with a sore throat, congested sinus and a cough. She really felt bad and could hardly function. We told her, "Try this, it works!". In 24 hours Bridgett called the school and we could tell right away from her voice that the sore throat and congestion were gone.  After thanking us, Bridgett surprised us by saying, “I want you to bottle that stuff you gave me. Well, it had never occurred to us to sell this product that had worked so well for us for years, so instead we decided to put the recipe on our website for anyone who would be interested in making it up themselves.

Benefits of taking the Anti-Flu Tonic


Organic Jalapeno or Habanero Peppers, Organic Garlic, Organic White Onions, Organic Yellow Ginger Root, Organic Horseradish Root Other Ingredients: Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

Super Anti-Flu Healing Benefits

This formula is a modern day plague remedy and can cure the most chronic conditions and stubborn diseases. It stimulates maximum blood circulation, while putting the best detoxifying herbs into the blood. It is so beneficial for you because of all the ingredients that go into making the tonic…

Garlic: is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that destroys gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. While man made antibiotics kill the good bacteria your body needs, garlic only kills the bad bacteria it even increases your healthy bacteria. Garlic is also a powerful anti-viral, which targets the cold, the flu and upper respiratory infections and it's anti-fungal.

White Onions: They have a potent diuretic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown onions to be an effective expectorant, making them useful for infections like the common cold, flu and persistent coughs. Onions are also rich in quercetin, which has been shown to help prevent heart disease by stopping cholesterol from attaching to arterial walls and blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots.

Horseradish: It's naturally antibacterial and anti-parasitic, and it stimulates your immune system. It has warming properties and acts as an expectorant, so it’s a potent herb for your sinuses and lungs. It helps open up your sinus passages and increases circulation there, which is where the common cold and influenza commonly begins.

Ginger: It's also naturally antimicrobial and boosts your immune system. It can help with chills, colds and fever. Most moms remember from pregnancy that it’s great for upset tummies too.

Hot Peppers: These simple little peppers will help boost your immune system, acting as a natural decongestant and have warming properties, which makes them a natural pain-reliever.

Organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar: has so many amazing properties to it. It’s a natural antiseptic and antifungal, great for digestion, detoxifying and so much more. Here are 8 health benefits of apple cider vinegar that are supported by scientific research.

1. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels and Fights Diabetes

2. Lowers Cholesterol and Improves Heart Health

3. Can Kill Many Types of Harmful Bacteria

4. High in Acetic Acid, With Potent Biological Effects

5. Helps You Lose Weight and Reduces Belly Fat

6. Has Protective Effects Against Cancer

7. Reduces Blood Pressure

8. Relieves Symptoms of Acid Reflux


For maximum results drink a tbs several times a day when you feel a cold coming on. Drink once a day for all the other health benefits.

The Making of our Super Tonic

The amount of ingredients used depends on how big of a batch you want to make, which is determined by several factors such as how much of each ingredient you can get at one time, how big your food processor is, and how many jars you have to work with. Because we had a huge mixing bowl and two cases of jars on hand, and because we wanted to make enough to last both our household and the school for at least a year, we went big. We didn’t weigh or measure our ingredients, just “eyeballed” the different piles to see that they were roughly equal amounts, then got enough vinegar to fill the jars we had. I only know the weight of the onions because we bought all those at one time; the other ingredients came from a couple of different places at different times. Opinions on this may differ, but my feeling is that each batch you make is unique depending on the type and amount of ingredients used (for example, habanero peppers or jalapeno peppers) and that it’s all good. I also don’t think that using a little more or less of one thing will hurt the final result.

To make the Super Tonic, we shred and blend the components: Horseradish, Garlic, Ginger, Habanero or jalapeno Peppers and Onion (all organic) and then vinegar-age this mix with frequent stirring, in raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. The Apple Cider Vinegar, is a body-cleansing component in itself, because it draws the “good stuff” from the blended foods, preserves it and also ferments it. This mix stands in glass jars protected from light at room temperature for at least 4 weeks. We want to give the vinegar and fermentation process time to break down the cell walls and infuse the powerful pathogen-fighting, immunity-providing enzymes and other elements. Then we put the mix through a juice press if you have one or strain through a strainer with cheesecloth to extract out the maximum amount of the healing juices. We do not filter it, believing that the small amount of pulp residue remaining in it is part of the benefit (shake the bottle before every use).  No heat is ever applied. The high acid content of the vinegar renders the Super Tonic shelf-stable without refrigeration. While we state its shelf life at two years, we've personally used Super Tonic that was years older and have never known it to go bad.  

The recipe is simple: roughly equal amounts (by weight or volume) of these five ingredients: garlic, onions, ginger, horseradish, and hot peppers, plus apple cider vinegar. All should be fresh, and should be organic, otherwise you will have pesticides that counter act the tonic. Nothing about the recipe is carved in stone; “close enough” works just fine.

This formula is said to help ward off colds, flu and even the plague, but it also adds a nice zip to soup and salad dressing. It’s essentially just a wonderfully flavorful vinegar that is packed full of potent excellent micronutrients as well.

Small Batch

1 medium piece Horseradish

1 Lrg. container Garlic cloves already peeled

1 Ginger medium piece

2 Jalapeno Peppers (Be sure to wear gloves)

3 White Onion (because you want the strongest possible flavor)

4 quarts Braggs raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Preparation is easy: Just wash everything, cut it all up into chunks and throw it in the food processor. You want a medium chop not too fine, not too rough.

Peel the horseradish and ginger with a potato peeler and chop into bite-sized chunks for the food processor.  Because the horseradish is a hard, woody root that is not easily chopped. Once everything’s processed, mix it all together and here’s what you’ve got:

Place your jars in a dark place for 4 weeks
Turn each jar upside down once or twice  each day lightly.

Add a large piece of cheesecloth in the strainer and let the juices drip into your pan. When done take the large chunks and store them in the refrigerator momentarily.

Fill your quart jars with your super tonic juice and store back in the closet.

Super Tonic Large Batch

Step for Large Batch

1 lb fresh peeled garlic

1 lb. white onions

1 lb. fresh ginger root
1/2 lb fresh horseradish root

1/2 lb. hot peppers (your choice)
2 Tb. turmeric powder
4 quarts Braggs raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar or organic brand

4 -6 quart jars

​Wash, Peel and chop then run through the food processor. Mix ingredients well in bowl. Place in glass container with lids and pour vinegar over the top. Shake to mix. Keep in a dark place away from sunlight and let sit for minimum 6 weeks. Shake ingredients daily. The tonic does not have to be refrigerated, even after opening. To use, strain and pour a tsp. to a Tb. into a cup with water and drink daily. At first sign of illness, drink several times per day until recovered.